About us

GEM Capital is an international investment company that operates in private equity and venture capital markets. The company was established in 2017. Today there are more than 25 projects with origins in Europe, the US and Israel in GEM Capital’s portfolio. GEM Capital's offices are located in Paphos (Cyprus) and Dubai (UAE). GEM Capital is proud member of the TechIsland which is the largest non-profit IT Association in Cyprus established in 2021 with the mission of turning Cyprus into a world-class destination for world-class talent. We focus on the following investment areas: Games & Entertainment and Enterprise Venture. We also consider outstanding targets in other industries. We are always in search of promising creative business founders. Utilizing extensive networks in Europe, Israel and the US, GEM Capital manages to find and support the most promising projects in its targeted industries. GEM Capital highly values companies and startups with international ambitions and scalable business models. GEM Capital was named Best Investor of 2021 by App2top (the leading gaming business media in Eastern Europe). In most recent InvestGame 9M 2023 Gaming Deals Activity Report GEM Capital was included in the list of top-10 gaming VC funds in the world (#4 by number of deals and #7 by deals value).

Games & Entertainment

We invest globally but focus on studios with Eastern Europe, Cyprus and the Middle East origins developing games and other entertainment products for mobile devices, PC / consoles, and VR as well as game-tech companies. There are no particular regions or genres which we avoid. Founders, team and vision is the key for our investment decision. Our target investment stages are Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A. Usually, we provide $1m-$2m as an initial equity investment and are ready to follow on. We are always open for co-investment with other VC funds. We have one of the largest investment portfolios in Cyprus, Eastern Europe and the Middle East which among others includes the acclaimed Mundfish (Atomic Heart), Owlcat Games (Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous), Weappy (This is the Police), Deus Craft (Grand Hotel Mania), Unfrozen (Iratus: Lord of the Dead), Red Rover Interactive (by ex-top managers of Funcom) and Eschatology Entertainment (by ex-top managers of Wargaming with Viktor Antonov as Art Director). We prefer equity investment over project financing. We do not invest in real-money gambling and blockchain games. GEM Capital is one of the world's most active investors in Games based on InvestGame ratings. Based on rating of Inc., 3 out of 7 most promising gametech companies from Eastern Europe are portfolio companies of GEM Capital. Based on rating of Mobidictum, 7 out of 10 top games startups emerging from Cyprus are portfolio companies of GEM Capital.

Enterprise Venture

We search for companies developing products and solutions based on nanomaterials and other innovative materials, giving special priority to projects that utilize SWCNTs and graphene for the development of EV-focused technologies. GEM Capital is an early investor in OCSiAl - the worldwide leading producer of SWCNTs, and Nemo Nanomaterials - an Israel-based startup developing ready-to-use solutions based on various carbon nanoparticles.   Stay Tuned! Facebook Linkedin Instagram Twitter Medium Crunchbase